“Our Daughter helped us and now we can help you too!”

Transfer Smart was created to help serve the needs of all timeshare owners who want out from under their timeshare contracts.

With so many timeshares on the market, owners have few, if any viable solutions if they want to get rid of their timeshares. Yet, Nancy was able to get rid of her Timeshare with the help of her daughter.

Now, Nancy and Transfer Smart are ready to assist any timeshare owner who needs help.

Nancy Gruttemeyer

We are so happy! We are loving life, timeshare free. Transfer Smart is the best way out of your timeshare!

An All Too Common Story Turns Into Something Great

My husband Bill and I bought our Timeshares with the best of intentions. We have two daughters and we were so attracted to the idea that our Timeshares would become a family legacy that we bought two Timeshares, one for each of them.

After 5 years, exchanges became more difficult, we had trouble getting the weeks we wanted, and soon some of our weeks began to expire. During this time, we received two Special Assessments and our Maintenance Fees kept increasing and became higher than we ever thought they would.  We talked to some friends of ours, and we found out their maintenance fees were even higher than ours!

At this point, Bill was determined to get rid of our Timeshares.  I was hesitant about using one of those listing companies, but reluctantly, I used one of those online services to try to sell or rent our two Timeshares, and of course, no one called.  Our frustration was rising, along with our blood pressure!

Our daughter Courtney decided to do some research and learned that you can rent out Timeshares for less than what we were paying for Maintenance Fees. We were shocked to find that the supposed "unavailable" weeks we were trying to exchange for were in fact available to rent online to the general public for a fraction of the price! Courtney immediately told Bill and me that she did not want to take on the financial risk with owning a Timeshare, and she could travel easier in other ways! At that point, Courtney was right!  I realized our hopes of what our timeshare could have been for our family, were no longer possible.

Today my family is living Timeshare-free thanks to the help of Courtney.  If she had not done her research, we would have never discovered the Smartest Timeshare Solution…Transfer Smart!  After using Transfer Smart's 100% guaranteed exit solution to get out of our Timeshares, Bill and I began working with the company and together we've now been able to help thousands of Timeshare Owners just like yourself! We spend individual time with you providing a smooth and easy transition toward becoming Timeshare-free!

Make the Smart Decision NOW to be Timeshare-free forever!


Transfer Smart, Get Out of Timeshare

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