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EV Guerra, Consumer Advisor


EV Guerra is one of our presenters here at Transfer Smart, having joined the team in August, 2009. EV was born and raised in Santa Monica, California, and currently lives in Norco, California. She has always been a people person, and all of her past jobs have involved working with the public. Before working for Transfer Smart, EV managed a large jewelry chain for 12 years, opened her own jewelry store in Southern California, and spent the past year working with another transfer company helping families transfer out their timeshares. Indeed, EV’s favorite part of her current job is the great people that she gets to meet. In her spare time, EV loves spending time with her friends, her husband of 20 years, Luis, and with the newest addition to their family, a two-month-old German shepherd.


Transfer Smart, Get Out of Timeshare

Chris Bodig, Consumer Advisor

Chris is one of our presenters here at Transfer Smart. Chris was born in New York City and raised in New York and northern Connecticut, and he earned his B.A. from Yale in 1989. Chris has an eclectic career background which, in addition to over five years helping thousands of families get out of their timeshares, also includes having been a former Emmy-Award winning producer for ESPN, responsible for such shows as “SportsCenter,” “Baseball Tonight,” and “Up Close.” In his spare time, Chris enjoys golf and cycling, and he has a keen interest in politics. He has also done a lot of choral singing, having performed in six different countries in Europe and the Lincoln Center in New York.


Transfer Smart, Get Out of Timeshare

Tony Espinoza, Consumer Advisor

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, earned his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Texas at El Paso, Tony brings over 25 years of sales experience and priceless insight acquired as a successful business owner to Transfer Smart. In his free time, Tony enjoys playing golf and relaxing with his wife, Roxanne, and their four kids at their home in La Quinta, California.


Transfer Smart, Get Out of Timeshare

Sam & Telma Friedberg, Consumer Advisors

Sam and Telma Friedberg were recently married, on February 17th, 2007. They have been living in Chandler, Arizona since 2004. Prior to working with Transfer Smart, Sam was an engineer, with degrees from M.I.T. and the University of Southern California. Telma was a customer service specialist with Blue Cross/Blue Shield. When they are not working, Sam and Telma enjoy spending time with their 9 year old son, David. Telma does volunteer work at David's elementary school, and Sam recently began taking the same jiu-jitsu class that David is taking, so they can practice together (David's younger body gets less sore than Sam's). In 2006, Telma trained and raised money for the Susan G. Komen Foundation 3-Day Walk, to help fight breast cancer.


Transfer Smart, Get Out of Timeshare

Bill Bunning, Consumer Advisor

Bill Bunning may have only recently joined Transfer Smart but he is no stranger to the timeshare and real estate industries. For 30 years, Bill worked in the Recreational Real Estate business; which included serving as a Member of the American Resort Development Association's Board of Directors and as President of the Virginia Resort Developers Association. On top of having an immense amount of real estate experience, Bill has dedicated the past 10 years to assisting individuals and families out of their unwanted timeshare contracts. He is also an active member of the South Warren Ruritan Club, a community service organization, and travels to an orphanage in Chelyabinsk, Russia most summers where he volunteers his time. It is this commitment to helping others along with his professional experience and knowledge that makes Bill a fantastic new addition to the Transfer Smart Team. Bill currently lives in Front Royal, Virginia and has two amazing children, Tamara and Billy. His hobbies include skiing with his son, horseback riding with his daughter, and playing catch with his three dogs.


Susan Engle, Consumer Advisor

Susan Engle was born and raised in the New Jersey and New York areas. Her family headed west during her youth, staying in New Mexico while she finished high school. She and a childhood friend took time after graduation to travel for several months throughout Europe and the Middle East, staying for a time on a Kibbutz in Israel, before enrolling at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her college graduation saw her move again, this time to Northern California to rejoin her family, and continue the family tradition of succeeding at a career in the automotive industry. Her excellence in leadership, customer service skills and financial consulting allowed her to work for the finest automotive companies, and further increased her business acumen. Her interest in other business fields sent her back to school, where she earned her Master's degree in Accounting from San Diego State University while raising her son. She passed along her passion for automobiles to her son and he has since begun his career in racing go-karts on a professional level. Before joining the Transfer Smart family as a field representative, Susan worked in mortgage lending, spending many years helping people to make solid financial decisions; experience and wisdom which she readily shares with others.


Jeff Warner, Consumer Advisor

Without question, Jeff Warner is a resilient and courageous person with an unflinching and steadfast "go get 'em" attitude. This comes from years of experience in leadership roles such as leading his Marine Corps Platoon during the initial amphibious landing in Mogadishu, Somalia in December of 1992, as well as creating and leading the First Year Financial Advisor training program at American Express. So far, he has spent almost his entire life as a resident of Southern California and this long term coastal residency has manifested in his profound love and appreciation of the ocean and all those enjoyable ocean related activities such as surfing, snorkeling, and SCUBA diving. He and his family also have some sturdy land legs as well and enjoy myriad adventures going snowboarding and camping and playing sports like tennis and golf.




Ed Peterson, Consumer Advisor

Ed Peterson has spent over four working to get families out of the dangerous contracts of timeshares. Known for his positive attitude and sense of humor, Ed feels both enthusiastic and passionate about helping families become "timeshare free" through Transfer Smart. He has an outstanding academic record, having studied at Harvard, The University of Utah, and BYU, where he received his MBA. Ed has spent 14 years refining his skills in both sales and marketing. In various industries (energy/transportation, software, and timeshare transfer) Ed has applied his "customer focused" style where listening to the customer is the #1 goal. When Ed isn't on the road with Transfer Smart he's most likely at home with his young family -- wife Candace, daughter Isabelle (13), son Tyler (5), and son Elijah (1).


Laura Crafton, Consumer Advisor

Laura was born in Baltimore, Maryland and was raised in the Towson area. She is currently an Consumer Advisor with Transfer Smart, a real estate investor, a business owner in the telecommunications industry, and soon to be the writer and publisher of her first children's book. She also loves swing dancing, hanging out with family and friends, and just having fun. In her teens, she worked as a waitress, a cook, and a manager in addition to her studies at Dulaney High School. Having worked extensively in the restaurant business, she enjoys being in a fast paced environment, serving others, and working with a team towards achieving a common goal. In the communications business she enjoyed mentoring others, helping others to grow, and contributing towards their progress and ultimate success. Over the next few years she hopes to start a family and make her dreams a reality. These dreams include publishing her first children's book, traveling the world, raising a family, and taking care of her parents. In her role at Transfer Smart she is dedicated to helping people escape their timeshare contracts, and considers herself extremely blessed to be in a position to do so.


Wayne Williams, Consumer Advisor

Comfortably settled in his home state of North Carolina, Wayne Williams is committed to making a difference in his world and the world around him. His interest in personal development has complimented his mixed martial arts studies and helped to enhance his tendencies toward hard work, self discipline, and physical and mental health. Already aware of the benefits of jumping in and making his hands work for him; he's worked in the construction industry since high school, in a variety of roles, from building to managing and ultimately owning a construction company. A recently discovered passion is buying houses, fixing them up and reselling them, an interest which also sent him back to school to earn his brokerage license. And all that is just in his spare time. This devoted father of two currently spends time either on the phone, on the internet, or traveling around the country with Transfer Smart dedicated to helping people get out of their burdensome timeshare contracts. With his appreciation of real estate businesses and his lengthy history of working in construction, he also has taken on a role as a consultant with the Accelerated Capital Group; a company that helps to develop raw land for both commercial and residential purposes.



Jeff Boe - Consumer Advisor

Jeff Boe has made helping people a focus of his life. His career in business has allowed him to better understand what people need. Lately, he has been helping timeshare owners find a peaceful way out of their timeshare contracts. Jeff also enjoys time off by relaxing and watching sports. Ever since he has started working for Transfer Smart, he has helped countless people out of their timeshare contracts, and is eager to help more.



Todd Stockwell - Consumer Advisor

A Torrance, California native and a U.S. Army Veteran, Todd Stockwell excelled in business as a real estate agent and mortgage broker. Todd’s understanding of people has allowed him to excel in both teaching and psychotherapy. In the past, he has taught high school English and has received the teacher of the year award. He received his Master’s in Marriage Family Therapy from Chapman University and continues to volunteer at High Desert Behavioral Mental Health Centre. When not helping Transfer Smart grow, Todd enjoys spending time with his family and two dogs, writing, and mastering chess.



Phyllis Eggert - Consumer Advisor

Phyllis Eggert joined Transfer Smart in January 2008 and has made helping people a focus of her life. A Colorado native, Phyllis was born in a small, friendly farm town where everyone knew each other. Phyllis has a degree in business and owned and ran her own company in Colorado for over 20 years with great success. As a former timeshare owner, Phyllis now wants to help distressed timeshare owners find a way out of their timeshare.

Always a people person, Phyllis enjoys meeting new people and helping in whatever way she can. When not traveling with Transfer Smart, Phyllis enjoys hiking and spending time with her four children and four wonderful granddaughters.



Ruben Jaimes, Consumer Advisor

Ruben Jaimes is a creative and accomplished member of the Transfer Smart Team.  Before joining forces with Transfer Smart, he explored a career in Property Management and Real Estate.  He has been in the service industry for over 15 years.  He has an entrepreneurial spirit that led him to explore various business opportunities including working as a business owner of a bakery cafe located in beautiful San Diego, CA.

Ruben is a Native American Indian born in Los Angeles, who was raised in West Covina, CA and then later moved to San Diego, CA.  He enjoys his role at Transfer Smart helping families around the country get out of their timeshares, bettering their financial position and family’s future.  He is grateful to be able to see the country while helping people get out of these bad contracts.  The most important thing to Ruben is spending time with his family, friends and wonderful children.  He is blessed to have three beautiful children, a loving girlfriend and her two children and for this he is thankful everyday.



Paul & Nicole McClure, Consumer Advisors

Paul and Nicole McClure have an extensive background helping organizations develop marketing teams. Both from the Tristate area, they met when Nicole's sister was a classmate of Paul's at a private Christian high school which prepared its students to pursue a theology degree. Nicole worked as a Registered Nurse at a trauma center prior to her current employment with Transfer Smart. Paul began his career at a law firm where he was the assistant office manager and then ran the court services department. He then went on to develop an international marketing team in the telecommunications industry. They have happily joined the Transfer Smart team because "We know that when you have a group of good people focused on doing the right thing, it will always be successful."



Charles Anderson, Consumer Advisor

Having spent a number of years working for one of LA's largest motorcycle dealerships, Charles Anderson gained experience in the business world from a young age, and walked away with an immense amount of knowledge about professionalism and succeeding in the corporate environment. He brings that experience and knowledge to work with him at Transfer Smart, where he has been a motivating force since day one. His success travelling nationally with the Transfer Smart team and his strong leadership skills have since provided him with the role of training new employees. He has also recently joined the team to share his expertise with them. Charles is a calm and yet decidedly determined young professional, who devotes whatever time is necessary to being the best he can be, in every pursuit that commands his attention.

A firm believer in staying fit and healthy, Charles can be found at his gym on a daily basis. His dedication to athleticism has been nurtured since high school where he spent 4 years involved with the Basketball, Cross Country and Body Dynamics teams even while participating in advanced placement courses and being an active member of the Audubon YES! Society. Although he travels frequently, he still finds time to relax when he comes home, catching up on his favorite television shows with the help of TiVo.



Crystal and Keith McMullin, Consumer Advisors

Crystal McMullin is a native of Ogden, Utah. Her passion and drive to understand and help people led her to study Psychology at Weber State University. Keith was born in Dallas, Texas and has an Associates Degree in E-Marketing. Crystal and Keith formed their own company and are successful entrepreneurs who have embraced the digital age and are pioneers of e-marketing strategies.

Crystal and Keith are now dedicated to helping timeshare owners end their contracts. While not working, they are devoted to their family and play competitive tennis and soccer. With a huge heart for helping children, Crystal and Keith donate their time and efforts to helping kids who were born into unfortunate circumstances get a new start on life.





Don Rupp, Consumer Advisor

Although Don Rupp is comfortably settled in his home state surroundings, living within 2 miles of the house his grandfather was born in 1905, he is by all means a world traveler. Don travels nationally as an Executive Consultant with Transfer Smart, and internationally with his independent marketing business, travelling to such far away countries as Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and soon expanding into South America and Asia. Always one with a gift and a heart for working with children, Don attended UCLA and earned his teaching degree, which began his extensive career as a teacher. He still maintains his connection to teaching by volunteering to teach and provide music programs to elementary schools. While he's committed to being a great dad to his son, by participating in his son's sports events, school activities, and award ceremonies, he also wants to mentor other children by starting a non-profit organization to provide educational opportunities for underprivileged children.




Frank Leonard, Consumer Advisor

Frank was born in Chicago, Illinois, but he's also lived in Denver, Colorado and Tucson, Arizona where he attended Amphitheater High School. He left home at age 16 and supported himself while he finished high school, and then joined the United States Marine Corps after graduation, proudly serving our country for 21 years. He is now retired with his family in Murrieta, California. Frank has been with Transfer Smart since January 2006 as a Senior Executive Consultant offering his unwavering integrity and expertise as a former timeshare owner. Frank truly does understand how it feels to be trapped in an unwanted timeshare contract. Frank received his timeshare as a gift from the family of a personal friend, Berry, after he passed away. Frank accepted it thinking it would be a great way to spend more time with his family. He tried for years to use it but found out very quickly he was unable to get the weeks he wanted. In the 12 years that he owned the timeshare, the maintenance fees continually rose, beginning at about $230.00 and increasing rapidly to just over $800.00 a year.

Frustrated and disappointed, he spent 5 years trying to sell using multiple listing and advertising companies, only to find he had yet another maintenance fee to pay at the end of the year and the ongoing ownership of an unwanted timeshare burden. A friend of Frank's was going to a Transfer Smart presentation and asked Frank to join him. Frank was hesitant but decided to attend the presentation. After hearing the information that was presented Frank said, It was like a light bulb going on! It all started to make sense why millions of people are having the same problems we're having. Frank used Transfer Smart's services, and found everything was done as promised, so he wrote to the owners of Transfer Smart and thanked them for truly helping him to escape the timeshare trap.

About three weeks later, David MacMillan, the company owner, called and asked Frank to join the Transfer Smart team to help people stuck in situations just like he was. When Frank isn't on the road travelling with Transfer Smart, he helps his wife, Pam, in marketing her life and health insurance business. Frank and Pam also are volunteers for their son's high school football team as Executive Booster Members for the past 3 years.




Karen Holloway, Consumer Advisor

Karen was born and raised in Southern California and started working right out of school for her parents who owned their own company in Los Angeles, CA. Karen learned many valuable lessions from her parents who were committed to excellent customer service. She helped build and expand their Company into Orange County and Riverside County over the next several years, evenually running the entire company after her father became ill.

Because of the enjoyment she gets from helping people, Karen has continued to work in the field of sales and team building for over 30 years. She started working with Transfer Smart because of her friendship with David and Cindy, whom she's worked with in the past, and truly loved the way they care for people and their strong commitment to helping people. Karen is going on her 4th year with Transfer Smart and has loved every moment of traveling throughout the United States meeting many wonderful people, and most importantly, helping many people get out of their Timeshares. She looks forward to many more years with Transfer Smart. When Karen is not working she loves being home, now on a ranch in Texas, with her husband enjoying their 26 horses, 4 cows, 2 dogs, and 2 ducks.




Sharon Goldberg, Consumer Advisor

Sharon Goldberg is a Consumer Advisor with Transfer Smart and has over 30 years experience in sales. She’s a native of southern California where she resides with her husband Greg and family. Sharon has two grown children and her first granddaughter that she loves to spend time with when she is not traveling. She loves to ride horses, workout at the gym and ride ATV’s in the desert with her husband. Two of Sharon’s passions are working with seniors and caring for animals.

In the future , Sharon, along with her daughter Loni, plans to combine these passions into a venture that will help seniors plan for their pet’s future. Sharon is a people person and Transfer Smart gives her the opportunity to help people throughout the United States. You might think you’re seeing double if you meet Sharon on the road because one of her team members is her identical twin sister Karen. She loves what she does and feels very blessed to be able to help people get out of stressful situations with their Timeshares.




Transfer Smart, Get Out of Timeshare

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